Restorative Root Canal and Extraction Procedures in Acworth, GA

Sometimes, fillings or crowns are not enough to restore a tooth that has been damaged from infection, inflammation, trauma, or issues of overcrowded teeth. Dr. Yen Tran, DMD, offers treatments for root canal and extraction procedures at Acworth Premier Dental Care to alleviate painful symptoms and protect your oral health and wellbeing.

Simple Root Canal Treatment

Root canals are not just a quick fix to reduce painful symptoms in a tooth; they are a safe, long-lasting, and effective treatment for tooth pulp (or the soft tissues found at the center of the tooth) which has become infected or inflamed. From start to finish, root canals provide dramatic pain reduction and preserve your natural tooth from extraction.

What occurs during a root canal procedure?

  • First, Dr. Tran administers local anesthesia to completely numb the affected area before treatment begins, as well as optional sedation medications to help relieve a patient’s anxiety about the procedure.
  • Dr. Tran uses a special drill to open the top of the tooth and access the pulp.
  • The pulp (including nerves, blood vessels and other soft tissues in the middle of the tooth ) is completely removed and the hollow center of the tooth is cleaned.
  • Each canal, which previously held blood and nerve tissues that extended through the root of the tooth, is cleaned and shaped.
  • Dr. Tran fills the inner chambers of the tooth with a thermoplastic material called gutta-percha.
  • A crown is placed on the outside of the tooth while a permanent dental crown is made, or the final crown is created and securely placed the same day.

With simple root canal procedures like the one described here, patients can expect to be at their appointment for just a little less than two hours. If the restored tooth is cared for with proper oral hygiene and dental cleanings, it can last forever.

Simple and Complex Dental Extractions

For teeth that cannot be restored through root canal procedures, or must be removed for other reasons, Dr. Tran can complete a dental extraction treatment. Common reasons for a dental extraction include:

  • Impacted tooth: when a tooth fails to rise above the gum line, or even above the surface of the jaw bone, it is called an impacted tooth. These teeth put undue pressure on surrounding teeth and can also cause other health complications in the sinuses or other facial structures.
  • Crowded teeth: Molars that enter the mouth later in life, such as wisdom teeth, can put pressure on teeth and shift them out of alignment. Wisdom teeth are the most commonly removed teeth, due to their tendency to cause crowding or be impacted.
  • Infected teeth or advanced tooth decay: Widespread tooth decay or infection in a tooth may be too advanced to be fully eradicated through a filling or root canal treatment. In this case, dental extraction is usually the final course of action.

Dr. Tran may recommend extraction treatment for one of your teeth if you suffer from one of the above issues. During your appointment with Dr. Tran, you can also determine whether sedation medication is right for you, to help ensure a more positive dental extraction experience.

Extractions are categorized as either simple or complex. Simple extractions are usually for any teeth that are visible in the mouth (and have come through the gums). Complex extractions are for impacted teeth or teeth that have been severely broken through trauma. At Acworth Premier Dental Care, we can perform both types of extractions, depending on your unique situation.

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